Cedar Goods

Just in time for the garden time rush we have new shipments of excellent quality cedar rolling into the shop!  This week we are working on large products for area ski resorts, farms, as well as backyard family gardens!  

Keep in mind....while the warmer weather can push gardeners to put starts in their beds outside, we are not out of the frost danger until Memorials Day in Central and Northern New England!  Southern points New York city, Long Island, New Jersey and southward, Mother's Day is your safe date.

Do you remember the Memorial Day of 2014?  We had temps dropping into the 20s!  Coming home from the Adirondacks the High Peaks, Green Mountains, as well as the White were covered in a several inches of snow!  

Things to do:  Stick to planting your peas, spinach, and maybe some other early greens in the first week of May.  Freshen up your raised beds with some of this years compost, or organic fertilizer.  Start some seedings that will be ready at the end of the month for outside planting.  Spring is here but the temps can swing all over the place.

Written by Keith Porter — April 28, 2017


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