Cedar Goods

Raised Cedar Garden Bed - Mortise & Tenon

Raised cedar garden beds shipped to you in an easy-to-assemble kit.  Our Vermont Eastern White Cedar has been rough sawn to 8″ high and a full 1 1/2″ thick. We've seen great results using thicker Cedar stock, which is certain to extend the life of your natural Raised Bed. The Mortise & Tenon joint is an easy to assemble. Each 8" Cedar Kit is stackable to heights of 16" and even 24".  The "memory" of the soil inside keeps them aligned quite well!

The cedar wood is cut as long as possible for you.  4x8' lumber =  50"x100"
Interior Gardening Space:
4′x8′ Bed = 41″ by 91″ and 4′x4′ Bed = 41″ by 41″


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