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Spring is here in Vermont!

Just in time for the garden time rush we have new shipments of excellent quality cedar rolling into the shop!  This week we are working on large products for area ski resorts, farms, as well as backyard family gardens!  

Keep in mind....while the warmer weather can push gardeners to put starts in their beds outside, we are not out of the frost danger until Memorials Day in Central and Northern New England!  Southern points New York city, Long Island, New Jersey and southward, Mother's Day is your safe date.

Do you remember the Memorial Day of 2014?  We had temps dropping into the 20s!  Coming home from the Adirondacks the High Peaks, Green Mountains, as well as the White were covered in a several inches of snow!  

Things to do:  Stick to planting your peas, spinach, and maybe some other early greens in the first week of May.  Freshen up your raised beds with some of this years compost, or organic fertilizer.  Start some seedings that will be ready at the end of the month for outside planting.  Spring is here but the temps can swing all over the place.

Written by Keith Porter — April 28, 2017

Vermont Flower Show 2017

We had another amazing Flower show in early March at the Essex Fairgrounds and Convention center!  It was another successful collaboration with Lisa and Scott from Grow Compost, who are launching a new soil line of amazing organic seed starter and potting soil called, Canvas.  The grand garden display was even more grand this year being housed in it own separate hall, allowing it to take up twice as much space.  Truly a work of art!  

At our booth we displayed our Raised Cedar Garden Bed Kits using a 4x8'x8" then a 4x4'x8" Mortise and Tenon kit stacked on top.  Lisa and Carolyn of Grow finished up the display bed with plant starts which we watched "grow" over the three days of the show.  It all about the soil!  Grow composts amazing garden mix was offered up with pre-season discounts.  There organic products are mostly composed of food and other byproduct waste that is collected by their trucks every day, then turned into the best garden mediums.

Why cedar?  We get this a lot!  Cedar is naturally rot resistant and will by far out perform other wood choices available.  We really appreciate everyone stopping by to chat and ask questions during the show.  Winters can be long in Vermont and to dream about spiring a little while winter drags on is a good thing.  The show is filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of the growing season.  Every year I'm amazed at our changing life giving landscape here in the north.  The green of life blooms and buds out the recently snowbank covered earth.  A miracle indeed!

So here's to your garden plans and dreams for 2017!  Please let us know how we can help you trouble shoot, expand, and in any way add to your garden this year.  We offer on site pick up prices for our Cedar Garden Kits and can sometimes help with large delivery projects.  Ask us!  We love to keep in touch!


Written by Keith Porter — April 04, 2017

Why Raised Beds?

Benefits of Raised-Bed Gardening

Longer Growing Seasons

Since the garden bed is raised off the ground the soil is able to warm up quickly and extend your growing season into the last days of summer. Grow longer!

Higher Yields

The soil in a raised garden bed is less compacted and warmer by design. With this combination the plant roots receive more oxygen in a warmer environment and can produce up to 2x more yield than a traditional ground-level garden with the same surface area. Grow more!

Tailor Soil Needs for Plants

Each raised bed can contain nutrients and PH levels most suited for the plants you are growing. Too much clay, sand or uncomposted natural material can inhibit a plants ability to grow healthy and strong. Fill your raised garden beds with organic compost, natural fertilizers and balanced topsoil for amazing outcomes! Grow big!

Pest Resistant

Boring rodents and other animals will be deterred by the natural design of a raised garden bed.  By easily attaching additional fencing to your raised bed’s foundation you can rest assured that your plants are safe and protected from the most determined pests.

Less Bending Over

Raise the level of the playing field and bring your garden closer to you! By stacking your raised cedar beds, you can create a garden that requires less physical work to maintain. Get closer and smell the cedar!


Written by James Hutton — October 08, 2013


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